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Knoxville Wedding DJ, Knoxville DJ, Knoxville Wedding, DJ Knoxville, Brian Graham
Knoxville Wedding DJ, Knoxville DJ, Knoxville Wedding, DJ Knoxville, Brian Graham
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Knoxville Wedding DJ, Knoxville DJ, Knoxville Wedding, DJ Knoxville, Brian Graham

Providing more than 'just music', you will receive the following services to create a wedding day you and your guests will remember for many years.

Initially, we will meet to discuss YOUR wedding.  No two weddings are alike.  Rather than tell you 'this is what you get', we'll talk about how you've pictured YOUR wedding and what we can do together to make your celebration uniquely you.

Planning Package
Once you choose my services, you will receive a very detailed wedding planning package, including some or all of the following:
 - Ceremony Planner
 - Bride & Groom Information Sheet
 - Wedding Party Information
 - Vendor Information
 - Reception Planner Forms
 - Optional Online Planning

Comprehensive Planning
You aren't just given a few sheets to fill in and send back to me.  Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding, we will meet to go over your planning package, set your time-line, discuss personal enhancements, and design YOUR wedding.  My goal is for you to have a personalized wedding the way you want it.

Optional Services

Personalized Grand Entrance
Rather than just introduce your wedding party by name, your guests will learn why your wedding party was chosen to commemorate your celebration of love.

Love Story
Your wedding has a story.  How did you meet?  When did you share your first kiss?  How did your proposal occur?  Sharing YOUR "Love Story" with your guests is often a highlight of your wedding day and shares with all your guests why they were invited for this occasion.

Anniversary Dance
A marriage is all about love, and sometimes takes support from family and friends.  This dance is a way to recognize the many couples at your wedding who are married and will support you throughout your own challenges and joys.  A personalized enhancement often adds a touching 'awe' moment to this dance.

To enhance the decor of your wedding venue, uplighting can be used to accent the color of your wedding day and add elegance to your room.  Additionally, uplighting can be programmed to change colors throughout the evening or dance floor once your party starts hopping.

Monogram Lighting
Enhance your dance floor, wall, or ceiling with you name or initials.

Interactive Personalization
A wedding is a collection of two families and friends who are important in your lives.  In many cases, not everyone knows one another.  To enhance your wedding day and keep your guests involved with everything from start to finish, there are creative ways we can connect your guests to one another.  By doing so, your guests will stay longer, giving you better pictures to remember, and leads to an overall better entertainment experience.

Additional Services
During our initial consultation, we'll discuss other unique ideas to personalize your day.  If you want it, just ask!

My Promise to My Clients
I will do my best to create a wedding day that is not cheesy, embraces your desires, and involves your guests in such a way that they will not want to depart early.  I will not embarrass you or be disrespectful to you or your guests.  I consider it a huge honor to be invited in to your families' lives for such an important day.  I realize you will never assemble this group of people together ever again.  I will give your wedding day the dignity it deserves, and create a fun celebration you will still treasure 10, 20 (or more) years after your wedding.

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