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Hiring a DJ

When planning your wedding, this is probably the first, and only, time you will hire a DJ in your life.  Most couples don't know what to ask and often go for the only measuring stick available - PRICE!  The most common phone call every DJ receives is "I'm planning my wedding.  How much do you charge for x hours?".  A better first question would be "Are you available on {my wedding date}?".  Answer this question yourself - Will price tell you everything your DJ will do to make your wedding day a success?

You should ask your prospective DJ these questions as recommended by the American Disc Jockey Association:

  1. Have you committed yourself to follow the ADJA Code of Professional Conduct?
  2. Are you insured?  Can you supply me with proof of liability?
  3. Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time? (Additionally, has the music library been legally obtained?)
  4. Do you use Professional Equipment?
  5. Do you provide on-site backup in case of equipment failure?
  6. Do you know the proper etiquette for a wedding reception?
  7. How much time do you allow for setup?
  8. Do you provide a written contract?
  9. Do you belong to a professional organization or trade group?

Additionally, you should ask the following:

  1. Will YOU be the DJ for my wedding?
  2. Will you put your name on the contract and guarantee my money back if you aren't the DJ who performs?
  3. At how many weddings have you personally performed?
  4. Without telling them anything another DJ may have said or done, ask "How will you make my wedding unique to me?"
  5. Have you ever taken any training to improve your talent?

Warning: The DJ market is full of people who claim to offer "professional" DJ services.  The problem is, that 'bargain' DJ could cost you your entire day of memories. Don't be fooled by low-price, budget entertainment.  The time to realize you made a poor choice in your entertainment should not be on your wedding day and your Wedding DJ will probably cost a little more than you expected.  The cost of renting a DJ-style sound system, including delivery, setup, and breakdown, typically costs about $600.  If your DJ is charging less than equipment rental, you should ask yourself why they are such a bargain.

Minimize your chance for less than desirable entertainment...

bulletHire someone you've met face-to-face.
bulletHire someone who cares about you and is dedicated to your wedding day.
bulletHire someone who uses a contract, a legal music library, and is insured.

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